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We are a fresh food restaurant & grocery.. we make small quantities, regularly & with love.

Our aim is to be a valuable and reliable part of the community and a pleasure for anyone that eats with us.

I (Nunzio the chef) started my cooking career with Jamie Oliver's Fifteen project. I was 17 at the time and enjoyed the perfect springboard into the culinary world. The most important thing I learned from this course was the passion for food and importance of giving respect to each individual dish.


I, Salvatore worked in food logistics and spent many of my early years close to my grandparents on their farm. I learned the art of milking goats, enjoying the land and animals as well as receiving a conveyor belt of food, much to my nonna's delight.


The spirit of togetherness coupled with our love for cooking and eating out has resulted in us creating this restaurant.


Our pizza chef Alfredo went to school with our dad. He loves bread and pizza and it's this love that gives us hope to constantly produce satisfying meals. 

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