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Our History

Nunzio and Salvatore were inspired by Italian grandparents, who nurtured a deep love and appreciation for quality cuisine in the young brothers from a very early age. Their Nonna's homemade dishes refined their palates, while their Nonno, a leading Italian food supplier in London, provided access to authentic ingredients from Italy. This family foundation in food led the brothers to pursue their passion professionally. Today, they channel their lifelong dedication to exceptional ingredients and authentic preparation into their own restaurant. With an unwavering commitment to sourcing and crafting the finest Italian food. Nunzio and Salvatore create dishes that honor their heritage and satisfy their high standards. Their intimate knowledge of traditional recipes combines with their constant search for new inspirations to deliver an exceptional dining experience rooted in family and tradition.  
With over 30 years of experience between them, Nunzio and Salvatore are dedicated to providing their Highgate community with exceptional Italian cuisine. Using family recipes passed down through generations, they expertly prepare each dish with care and pride. Their goal is simple  to make every customer feel like they're joining Citro's for a home cooked meal. Whether you dine in their restaurant or cater a special event, you can expect the same attention to quality that they would serve their own family.
At Citro's, every bite is made with passion!

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